A chargeback is the return of funds to a customer, on request of their bank, in order to resolve a disputed payment.

Any queries about implementing or processing chargeback transactions on your account should be directed to your acquiring bank. We only provide reporting on chargebacks for certain acquiring banks. Please contact our Support team for further information.

Chargebacks can only occur after the Settlement of funds has taken place. Each chargeback transaction has a parenttransactionreference field that contains a reference to the original transaction.

Listed below are three common scenarios that may result in a chargeback:


Process overview

The customer disputes a settled transaction by contacting their bank.
The customer’s bank authorises a chargeback and informs your acquiring bank of the situation. The disputed funds are returned to the customer.
We receive details of a chargeback against a settled transaction and generate a CHARGEBACK transaction in our system, which is linked to the original AUTH. (We perform checks for chargebacks on a daily basis).


The request type of the transaction generated will be “CHARGEBACK”.
Each chargeback is represented on our records as an independent transaction with a unique transaction reference.
Chargebacks are shown with a settlestatus of 100 (“settled”).


Please be aware of the following

  • The value of the parenttransactionreference field in a chargeback always refers to the original authorisation processed. The value of the settlestatus for this AUTH remains at 100.
  • In some cases, a single payment may be subject to multiple CHARGEBACK requests. For further information, please contact your acquiring bank.
  • Notifications of chargebacks are optional and you must contact our Support team to activate this functionality on your account.


Disputing chargebacks

It may be possible for you to dispute a chargeback if you have reasonable cause for doubting the customer’s case (e.g. a customer claims a package was not delivered but the package was signed for). For any queries relating to chargebacks processed on your account, please contact your acquiring bank.


Reporting chargebacks

We provide two methods for keeping track of chargebacks processed on your account:


Configuring URL notifications

We recommend that you configure automated notifications on your account when implementing payment types where chargebacks can occur. Please contact our Support team for further information.


Viewing chargeback transactions in MyST

Chargeback transactions can be seen on the MyST “Transaction search” page, by searching for transactions with the request type “CHARGEBACK”. Click the “Filters” tab, and select “CHARGEBACK” in the “Requests” box, then click “Search”.


They can also be seen by viewing a transaction in MyST using the “Single Transaction View”, and clicking the “Related transactions” tab. Chargebacks will only be shown in the related transactions area when a chargeback has been raised for the transaction being viewed.

For further information on how to use the MyST “Transaction search” page and the “Single Transaction View”, refer to the MyST User Guide.