Add “Webservices” user

A Webservices user account allows us to authenticate your requests to Secure Trading. Using MyST, follow these steps to create a “Webservices” user for your account:

New users can only be added by users with Site admin role.


  1. Navigate to Sign in using your provided username & password.
  2. Click “Add new username” from the left side-menu.
  3. Fill in the fields shown (all required). Ensure you select “Webservices” for the role.
Web Services usernames are email addresses that can have a maximum length of 255 (maximum of 64 characters before the ”@” symbol).



“Valid IP/network(s)” field (required)


By entering your system’s IP (or range of IPs) in this field, Secure Trading will only accept Web Services requests originating from this IP. This means that even if your Web Services credentials have been compromised, requests cannot be performed without access to your IP network.


Multiple IP addresses can be separated with either a semicolon (;) or a comma (,).
Ranges of IPs may be specified by using a CIDR netmask in the format


“Role if invalid IP” must be set to “Prevent login”.

4.   Allocate the sites through which you wish to process Web Services payments, by clicking the green arrows next to the corresponding sites and ensuring they move from the “Available” column to the “Allocated” column.

5.   Click “Save”.