Additional notes

Declined authorisation

It is not possible to schedule recurring payments in the subscription engine, if the initial AUTH or ACCOUNTCHECK was declined by the acquirer.

If the AUTH / ACCOUNTCHECK section of the request was declined, you will not receive a response for the SUBSCRIPTION, as no subscription will have been scheduled.


Fraud and duplicate checks

If enabled, fraud and duplicate checks are only performed on the initial AUTH or ACCOUNTCHECK request and not on any subsequent subscription payments. If these checks raise an issue and update the settlestatus of the initial request to “2” or “3”, the subscription will not be scheduled in the subscription engine.

Fraud and duplicate checks are not enabled by default on new Secure Trading accounts. Please contact our Support team for further information.


End of month subscription payments

Subscription payments can be processed monthly from the date of the initial payment.

If the date of the initial payment is after the 28th of the month, all following subscription payments are scheduled for the 28th of each month. This is to prevent issues for subscription payments on months that have fewer days than others.


Expiry dates

Please ensure that the expiry dates on your active subscriptions are valid and up-to-date as some issuers may decline cards with outdated card expiry dates.


3-D Secure

3-D Secure cannot be utilized by the subscription engine due to the customer not being present to enter their credentials at the time the payments are processed.

For this reason, subscription payments that have an initial authorisation that was processed with 3-D Secure may not be covered by the liability shift. Please contact your acquiring bank for clarification.